We are expecting the announcement of the 2020
UTME Registration soon; hopefully before the end
of the year. It is important that prospective UTME
candidates know that it is never too early to start
preparing for it. As a matter of fact, based on
experience, one of the keys to smooth registration
and success in every UTME is early preparation.
So this post will guide you on the few things you
need to be doing at the moment while we wait for
the commencement of the UTME sales of form
and the registration.
1. Get your National Identification Number (NIN):
In case you do not know already, no candidate will
be allowed to register for the 2020 UTME without
having a NIN. We earlier provided a step-by-step
procedure on how you can acquire NIN. So if you
are yet to get yours, visit this link: NIN Application
Guidelines and follow the instructions to get yours.
2. Know The Course You Want To Study:
Deciding on the course you intend to study is one
of the things you should do now before the
registration begins. This is because you need time
to think before settling down for a career/course.
You shouldn’t pick any course. It has to be a
course you have passion for; one that you have
knowledge about.
3. Know the School You Intend to Apply for: Just
like in choosing a course, you need to equally
know beforehand the institution you want to apply
for. Your criteria in choosing one should be based
on whether the school offers the course you intend
to study, the admission requirements of the
school, the school fees as well as other personal
preferences like location etc
4. Know the subject combination for your
course: A lot of students make this mistake by
choosing the wrong subject combinations for their
course. If you want to avoid any form of
mistake, use ” the JAMB Brochure”, to see the
required subject combination for the various
courses before registration begins. Remember, that
choosing the wrong one can jeopardize your
chances of gaining admission. Be wise!!!
5. Start Studying Smart: Finally, start studying now
and don’t just study hard, learn to study smart. By
now you should know that a good number of JAMB
past questions are repeated every year. To study
smart, you need to practice with the
Myschool JAMB CBT Mobile App for android
phones or the Myschool JAMB CBT Software for
Computer systems. Both contain over 40,000
JAMB past questions and answers. You can
equally check out the Myschool CBT Classroom .
Schools, Institutions, Tutorial Centres, Business
Centres & Cafes can start setting up their CBT
Centres to become JAMB CBT Agents and Training
Centres to help train students for the upcoming
exams. For details on how to proceed, please click
With all that has been said, I believe you now see
the need to start your preparation now before the
registration begins. Once the UTME Registration for
2020 Begins, we will publish it here on Myschool,
and give you step by step details on how to
successfully proceed with your registration.
Until then, stay prepared!