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Adcitie - How To Earn Twice Your Trading On Adcitie Store

Adcitie - How To Earn Twice Your Trading On Adcitie Store

Adcitie - How To Earn Twice Your Trading On Adcitie Store

Hello Guys, sammyloaded is back again with another money making site, this time around we are going to trade our money just like forex to get 2x of it in 24hrs
Note: it risk free

I saw this business yesterday while making research and i decided to join because I saw 2x payment  in 24 hours, minimum and maximum deposit is #1000. 

I made payment and started the trade while i sat back to see what happens after 24hours of activation
To my suprise I saw #2000 in my balance, I decided to place a withdrawal request to see if i will be paid and i got credit alert within a little time. Now I am placing another order again and i decided to share this site with our viewers,

So when we are talking about trading money online, Adcitie is number, am sure we are doubting and still thinking what is Adcitie, it the high time i tell you about it and how it work

What Is Adcitie?
Adcitie is No 1 online business platfrom that trades you money into multiple with a little startup fee 

How To Earn On Adcitie

  • Reading Post
  • Adding Comment
  • Daily Login
  • Refferal
  • Trading
Now out of all this we are only looking at the fast track which is Referring and Trading
  • Reffer = N500 per user
  • Trading = Trade with N1,000, Earn N2,000  in 24hours
Note this site is not a ponzi site nor a make money quickly site, so we are not here to force you.

How To Join Adcitie And Make Your First Cash
1. Click the below link, you will be redirected to adcitie hompage


2. In the homepage click the "Login Button"
    3. It will take you to the login page which have two button "Login and create account" Now click on "create account" since we are just joining for the first time

      4. After clicking this  you will be told to fill in some details eg username, full name etc then we click the "registration" button once we are done adding the details


        5. A pop up will appear which will ask you to go check your email to get your verification link,  you might be taken to your dashboard after login in

          6. Now go to your mail to and click  on the link given to you, to verify you accout, then you will be taken to your dashboard or you can login yourself

            7. Now that your account has been verified you will receive a successful verification mail in your email

            8. Now the next the is to activate our account with N,1000
              How To Activate My Adcitie Account

               Now am sure we are now in the home page but if you are not kindly login your account
              1. Now in your dashboard am pretty sure you can see something like aders , showing price N1,000, click the "select" button

                2. Now another page will open again then click  "checkout with paystack"

                  3. Now you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to pay N1,000 using your atm card, add yor card details and click the Pay "NGN 1,000" button

                    4. Once the payment is successful you will a message showing payment successful, you will also receive a mail from paystack too


                      Now our account is now active it time to start making money let start by learning how to get our refferal link

                      How To Generate Our Refferal link And Start Refferring

                      Dont forget i said earlier that you will earn N500 per refferal

                      1. Now in you dashboard click on "Account"
                        2. You will be taken to a new page click "Aff" button

                          3. Boom your refferal link will be starring at you, note if it showing any message, kindly wait until you get payment confirmation mail from Adcitie then you will be able to get your refferal link

                            Now let move to the last part which is how to trade N1000 to get x2 in 24hours

                            How To Trade On Adcite To Earn Double In 24hrs

                            1. Click on "My Wallet" in the dropdown menu

                              2. Click "Wallet Topup"

                              3. Add the amount you want to trade, then click on "Add"
                                   Note: Adcitie has enable multi-trade, which means you can now trade any amount below N50,000

                                4. Fill in your details in the next page and click the "Place Order" button

                                5. A page will appear which will show you "Order ID" and a bank account where you will be told to make payment, make sure you copy the order id because you will need i to activate your trade


                                  6. Now it Time to place make payment to activate our trade, when making payment make sure you add your "Order Id" in "Narration / Description"  when making your payment as shown below

                                  7. What we need to do now is to submit our "Order ID" and Payment Proof to Adcitie Agent

                                  8. Now visit there facebook page via the link below after making payment, Send them a message by  showing them your id eg (123) and payment screenshot, your account will be approved and you will be notified via your mail


                                    9. Now sit back and watch your adcitie balance turn to N2000 after 24hours

                                      How To Withdraw Your Earning 
                                      1. Click on Account

                                      2. Click "WTD"

                                        3. Now use the + and - button to select the amount you want to withdraw, then click the "add to cart" button


                                          4. Click on  view cart


                                            5. Click Proceed to checkout

                                              6. Fill in  your details and click the "Place Order" button.. then sit back to get credit alert,

                                              Here is my payment proof below,

                                                  Happy Earning            

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