Glo Free Browsing Cheat January 2020

It has been a while we got a loophole from Glo, but luckily to us we found a cheat which is fast,active and unlimited, it was blocked recently but now we can now access it and it fully loaded with unlimited data

Glo Free Browsing Requirement

  • SIM: 2 Glo SIM Cards or 1 instead
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Internet:3G/4G
  • Airtime: N100 (Minimum)
  • Tariff Plan: Glo Yakata (*230#)
This cheat can be detected by the ISP any moment from now, so make use of this now before it get blocked. You can use it to download necessary things, stream online, and also use it to play online games eg pugb, call of duty etcWe have to steps to activate this cheat so if the first step doesnt work kindly try the next step

Step 1

1. Get Two Glo Sim Card

2. One of the sim must be on Glo Yakata - dial *230# to migrate

3. Load N100 Naira Airtime

4. You will receive a message that your YAKATA data is 40mb and will Expire in 1week time

5. Now all the 40MB will be on your SIM, after 2 hours or Exactly 2 hours...

6. Share the data to the second Glo SIM (dial *127*01*[friend’s number]#)

Boom browse unlimited till further notice (lol)

Step 2

1. Get a Glo Sim Card

2. Migrate to Glo Yakata - dial *230# to migrate

3. Get #100 card

4. Load it with this code *223*Recharge Pin#

5. You will be given a data which doesnt have validity period

Boom download, stream and browse while the data wont be touched

Note: The cheat can be blocked any moment from now, Enjoy while it last

Happy Blazing...