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How To Earn On Warriorplus Affiliate Program


An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchant affiliate programs. It allows website publishers to more easily find and participate in affiliate programs which are suitable for their website (and thus generate income from those programs), and allows websites offering affiliate programs (typically online merchants) to reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs to all of the publishers participating in the affiliate network.


WarriorPlus is a digital product platform for buying and selling products related to online business.
On their website, people sell "digital products" such as eBooks, online courses, access to paid membership sites, and software.
These products are all in the "Internet Marketing" or general "Business" niches.
They provide the technology for vendors to deliver the products automatically after purchase. 

They also also provide the technology for affiliates to get paid a commission for sales they refer via an 'affiliate link'

You must have a verified PayPal account to enter into this.
Click this link below


when it opens click on the start your 14 days free trial and then fill in the necessary information as shown below

on the check out page make sure to click PayPal (don't worry you won't be charged a penny) as shown below

After clicking on PayPal as checkout you'd be redirected to PayPal just click on agree and pay (don't worry you won't be charged) then you'd be redirected back to the warrior site, click No Thanks in all options/offers you see on that very page. (JUST FOLLOW THE ON SCREEN GUIDE)

Note: if you dont have 1$ in your paypal account or 500 in your bank account you will get the below error

Now go to your email and you'll see 2 important emails: 1 from warriorplus and the other from VEA (virtual entrepreneur association)as shown below


Now follow this process to finish your registration and start earning

1. Click on the email from warriorplus then create an account and make sure to complete your profile, scroll down and link your Google account or Facebook account to your warriorplus account (note-linking is not compulsory..

2. Make sure all above processes are carried out swiftly then click on this link


3. You will see "click here to get your warrior plus affiliate link" as shown in the below image

4. Click on it and it will ask you to login your warrior plus account as shown below

5.After login in you will be ask to write a note for request, just leave the box empty and click on request then wait to get your mail via mail

6. After getting a message as shown below click on the link to get ur affiliate link

After doing all this we then refer our friend to earn $5

Now the next step is to disable auto renew on our paypal so that money wont be deducted when the trial version have end


1. Login to you paypal account as shown below

2. Click on tools, then in the drop down menu click on all tools as shown below

3.Click on recurring payment as shown below

4. Now click on pre approval payment as shown below

5.The company name is "Lexico LLC" now click on it as shown below

6.Once you click on it will display an info then click on cancel as shown below

Boom we have canceled the auto renewal from warrior plus they wont have acess to your paypal remove any money

Thanks for reading....kindly share with your friend

Happy earning

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Unknown said…
Great content! You should take a look at ExoFunnels when you have a minute.

They're similar to ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, etc. But they have a ton of ways they help affiliates and vendors generate more revenue. For example, whenever a customer purchases a product, they start promoting additional products to them and use your affiliate link.

So, if your the affiliate or vendor that's associated with a specific purchase, your affiliate link will be used to promote other products instead of them just taking the credit for those sales like other networks do.

Also, you can earn money by referring new affiliates and/or vendors to their network. I don't think any of their competitors offer an option like that. Just another way to make money with them :)