Java - Hello guys am here to teach you about the basics of java (programming language) and am 100% sure you will understand this because it has been broken down to an easy definition..

What is java

Java is a programming language that produces software for multiple platforms

Basics of java programming

              WHAT IS A CLASS

A class is the blueprint of a system where everything you are building is storedy
              WHAT IS AN OBJECT

An object is an instance of a class eg
Classname          Objectname=      Newclass Name
e.g House Dapo = new House();

             ACCESS MODIFIER

A class must not have the below fault:
A lower case
A symbol


We have two types of data type:
Primitive data type
Reference data type

Primitive data type: Int, double, float, Boolean, charReferrence data type: String
               WHAT IS A METHOD

A method is formally known as function
               TYPES OF METHOD

Built In method

Custom method

A class includes data members and methods
methods can include expressions that evaluate the value, you can declare a class without data variables and methods.
You can access data members outside the class through class object
+ means congatination(simply means adding
Types of access modifiers


                What is a modifier

Modifier determines how the data methods and members are used in classes an d object. the main difference between access specifiers and modifiers is that is that access specifiers defines the accessibility of data members in a class while the modifiers  determines how the methods are used and modified by other classes


What is a static

it is used with methods variables and inner classes
The static keyword is used to define class variables and methods that belongs to the class and not to any particular instance to the class
What is Final

the final keywords indicates that the data member cannot be modified is used with methods, variables classes
What is abstract
an abstract class cannot be instanciated

Native keyword

the native keyword is used only with methods, it is used to to inform the compiler that the method has been coded in programming language other than java

Sychronised keywords

sychronised keywords is used for methods, the schychronised keyword controls the access to a block of codes in a multi trendend programming environment.


Methods are used to access the variables that are defined in  the class….you can use some methods that needs some extra informations for execution

What is oop

oop simply mean object oriented programming, it is a programming style which is associated with the concept like class object and inheritance
There are three major things that happen in  programming which are output, input and process

Forms of oop

Types of inheritance


 What is encapsulation

Encapsulation is a mechanism where you bind your data and code together as a single unit…it simply means hiding your data and code in a safe place

Abstract class

it refers to the quantity of dealing with ideas rather than events. it deals with hiding details

 polymorphism is the ability of an object to take on many forms

Types of polymorphism

Runtime polymorphism: it a process in which a call to an overridden method is resolved at runtime rather than at the time of compile
Compile time polymorphism: is a process in which a call to an  overloading methods..
Thank for reading the basics we will update you  with more tutorial as soon as possible