All these while we've been talking about 9mobile SocialPak cheat, not knowing Airtel Social bundle cheat is also available but only a few knows about it. This should also be my first post on Airtel Social bundle cheat.

Airtel Social Pak or bundle cheat has been available for quite some time now but not as famous as the 9mobile SocialPak cheat. As we all can see, Airtel Social bundle is almost similar to the 9mobile SocialPak plan. The only difference here is that, 9mobile offers 2.5GB data for their social pak bundle while Airtel offers 600MB for just N300.

I'm just posting this as an alternative browsing for you all to choose from. With that being said, let's go straight to the point.


1) First of all, subscribe to Airtel Social Bundle plan by dialing *141# > 4 > 1, then subscribe to the Monthly social bundle. Cost 300Naira for 600mb, valid for 1 month.

2) Then download EC Tunnel VPN if you don't have it before - Download here

3) In Tweaks, Select Airtel Social Bundle 
4) Finally, tap on Connect and wait for 10 seconds for it to connect. After that, start browsing, downloading and streaming. 


1) This cheat is not unlimited. It's capped 600Mb for a month. 

2) Connection on the VPN is very fast 

3) Browsing and downloading speed is very fast 

4)No Config file is needed.

5)VPN server is free, yet ultra fast. 

That's all friends. Please do well to review EC Tunnel on Playstore and don't forget to drop your comments here.